Mrs. D . Idowu

Commendation for Laundry House – Happy New Year! I want to commend your Company for a superb and fantastic job well done, excellent value for money and excellent customer service. I brought in my wedding dress….almost 16 years on for cleaning. It had been abandoned in my parents’ house, never been cleaned after my wedding and it was filthy with several spots/stains. Rather than Ivory, it had become brown!!! **** Dry Cleaners refused outright to accept it for cleaning! Laundry House was cautious, your Manager called and explained the challenges and also to understand my needs. My needs were simple…..I don’t plan to wear it again but it was okay if the stains could not be removed. I collected it from Laundry House and ALL THE STAINS WERE GONE! It’s Ivory again and all at a miniscule sum!!! Seriously, I am beyond impressed!!!!! Keep it up. Best wishes

Satisfied Customer