Specialist Cleaning Services

  • Specialist Cleaning Services
  • Specialist Cleaning Services
  • Specialist Cleaning Services

We handle a host of specialist garments and items that require that extra expertise in handling and cleaning.


Suede & Leather

Suede & Leather are delicate materials that usually require professional cleaning with a high level of care. These materials have natural oils and therefore need special handling during the cleaning process to retain their texture or reduce fading. Our Trained Technicians recognize these challenges and therefore employ cleaning & treatment procedures to maintain and restore the colour, oils and suppleness of these materials.

Curtains & Upholstery

Dry Cleaning your Curtains and loose upholstery is an effective way to refresh the look, feel and vibrance after daily wear & tear from dust and dirt. Let us restore the beauty of your curtains, drapers and upholstery with our effective solvents capable of treating fabrics of varying weights.

We also assist Customers who require offsite pressing and/or steaming of their hanging drapery/curtains, which need to be processed in their homes, offices or Hotels. We will dispatch a Team to safely handle this at the customer’s location.


Rugs & Carpets

We use speciliased commercial grade equipment and cleaning solutions from reputable global suppliers for cleaning a variety of carpets, rugs and flooring material. Our experienced Team will carefully handle delicate Rugs that require dry cleaning and not wet cleaning to ensure there is no shrinkage or bleeding of dyes. When required, we can change the underlay material in your rugs and provide minor repairs to fraying edges.