Laundry & Stain Removal Tips

Stain Removal

Simple Steps and Tips for handling your Laundry at Home

The effects of undesirable laundering habits may not be immediately apparent; rather, they will be cumulative and appear gradually over the long-term or present unexpectedly after a period of poor practices. Some of the Tips and Guidelines below will surely set you on the right path to ensuring your Household Laundry is handled to your satisfaction. Follow them and/or pass them on to your Household Staff.....• Put your worn/soiled clothes in a Laundry Hamper/Bin
• Hang up and air any lightly worn garments that don’t require cleaning yet as unnecessary laundry and dry cleaning can gradually age clothes over time.
• Always let damp articles/clothes dry properly before you put them in your laundry hamper/bin to avoid mildew and odours.
• Your Laundry Hamper should be an airy Container; consider using plastic, mesh baskets or stainless steel (with rust free guarantee) hampers.
• You may sprinkle Baking Soda in the hamper (not on the clothes) to deodorize it…don’t worry if some if it gets into the washing machine, Baking Soda is proven to be a gentle detergent booster.
• Heavily soiled garments or greasy clothing should be stored separately and sent to Laundry House Co immediately for Professional Stain Removal Treatment.



Getting your Garments ready for Washing

• Sorting your Laundry is one of the most crucial steps to ensuring a successful cleaning process and ensuring that you maintain the integrity of your garments and fabrics.
• Sorting Guidelines:

  •   Sort by Colour – separate Whites, Lights, Coloureds & Darks. Divide clothes into Colour compatible groupings.
  •   Sort by Fabric Type
  •   Sort by Degree of Soiling
  •   Sort according to the appropriate wash cycle on your Washing Machine
  •   Consider separating garments that cause others to pick up lint, snag or tear.
  •   Wash sets of Clothes (tops & bottoms pieces) or pairs of socks together in the same load/cycle.
  •   Select and separate Delicates that require hand wash or a gentle cycle.

• Check Care Labels and follow strictly those Care Labels that indicate “Wash Separately” because of the risk of dye bleeds.
• After sorting, you can carefully use a Branded Domestic Pre-spotter/Stain Remover to treat stains and soils. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Always conduct a patch test on an inconspicuous area of the garment to check for any undesirable reactions before applying your Stain Remover to a larger or exposed area of the garment.
• Check all pockets to remove objects like Coins, Keys, Crayons, Pens, Tissue, Paper etc that may affect the garments and/or affect the Washing Machine.
• Turn all your dark & blue Jeans and dark garments inside out.
• Turn all Articles made of synthetic fibres, Knits or those prone to pilling inside out.
• Place all your underwear, delicates and garments with hooks in a mesh bag before washing. You can use a zippered or tied up pillow case in place of a mesh bag. Note that heavily soiled items may not wash completely well when placed in a mesh bag.
• Remove any pins, cuff links, buckles or metal items because of the risk of rust which may affect other garments and also affect your Washing Machine.
• Tie together any belts, ropes, sashes and other long pieces that may tangle or knot during the washing process.
• Remove any detachable pieces, decorations, trims, buttons that are not Machine Washable.

…..You now have the fundamental Tips to ensuring your Household Laundry is handled to achieve desired results.


Please note that this document does not seek to provide any professional advice of any sort. It is merely an expression of the writer’s opinion and the writer disclaims any liability that may arise from reliance on the information contained herein.